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Tamil Comics 2

Developer: PRABU G I

This is a fan made FREE app designed for Tamil comics lovers.Here you can find from famous Mayavi to Cowboy stories in Tamil.- Mayavi stories மாயாவி கதைகள்- Horror stories பேய் கதைகள்- Thriller stories மர்ம கதைகள்- Cowboy stories டெக்ஸ் கதைகள்- Action stories- இரும்பு கை மாயாவி கதைகள்- ஜேம்ஸ் கதைகள்- And more...
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RATINGS: If you find any issues with Tamil Comics, please email us instead of rating 1 or 2 star(s). We will do what we can to solve the issue and we will reply to every email. You wont be disappointed.